Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning Equipment is needed in numerous Industrial and Commercial applications, as well as at home. Basically everywhere you have to clean equipment or an area, you will need Cleaning Equipment to complete the task.

A clean environment promotes productivity in the workplace, and in industrial and commercial settings, you also have to think of the Health, Environmental and Safety regulations that businesses have to comply with to remain in business.

Cleaning equipment can take many forms – from heavy vacuum trucks used for cleaning out different materials like dry bulk powders and liquids, solids, thick sludge and slurries, to Industrial vacuums, scrubbers, sweepers, high pressure cleaners, carpet cleaners, and floor cleaners.

Cleaning equipment also include more humble tools, like buckets, mops, brooms and also cleaning chemicals like detergents, deodorisers, scale removers, scouring powders and even hand sanitizers and soaps

We will shortly have an online shop where the public and commercial clients can buy cleaning equipment at budget prices and of the best quality